Palomino Sabino Warmblood Colt

Hanoverian/Swedish Warmblood

Foaled July 9, 2007

16.3hh mature


You know you have an eye-catching foal when two unrelated people on separate occasions stop their car, walk up to your paddock and ask to take photos of your palomino colt!  


Volaré (voh-lah-ray) is a Spanish word meaning, "I will fly", which is such an appropriate name for this colt.  He is naturally balanced and substantially 

built with long legs, a beautiful head and muscular neck and shoulders.  Volaré is minimal sabino with a large star and strip ending in a large snip, but also has white spots on his chin and an irregular hind sock.  He is very inquisitive and friendly and leads, loads in a trailer, stands for the farrier and tolerates being fussed over with brushes, polish and sprays like a pro.   


Hunter, jumper or dressage – take your pick with this boy.  He comes from a phenomenal jumping and dressage background via his sire, Viva Voltaire, who in 2008, was one placement behind For Pleasure in the USEF Leading Hunter Sire rankings, and also placed in the Dressage and Jumper Rankings.  Viva Voltaire carries the world-renowned bloodlines of Voltaire  (Preferent), Grannus (Elite), and Argentinus (Premium, 2005 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year).  On his dam’s side, he has the #2 ranked Elite Swedish dressage sire, Bernstein 761, along with Asterix 694 (Premium) and Kaliber 574 (Elite), who both have successful dressage and jumper progeny.  The only Thoroughbred blood appears in the 4th generation of this colt.


Volaré has main foalbook papers with the Swedish Warmblood Association of N.A. and may also qualify for breeding approval with a number of registries if kept as a stallion including Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch and Rhinelander.  This is a unique opportunity to own a fully-papered palomino Warmblood with renowned Hanoverian and Swedish bloodlines.


SOLD!  Congratulations to Melissa Polier, Pennsylvania, USA.  We wish you much success in your future AA Hunter competitions!


Comments from his owner: "Volaré continues to do well and is really so well behaved and very sweet!  He definitely has personality as well.  I picked his feet today and put hardener on them, he had to tell me that was not his favorite thing!  But again let me do it and was such a good boy. Again thank you, I really do love him. He continues to follow me around when I go out and seems to not want me to leave him! He is like a big dog just like my other horse Splash."


Click on the Video links below to watch the video of Volaré at 3 months of age

(some segments are reduced in speed for optimal viewing).

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Mouse-over a thumbnail to enlarge. Photos of Volaré at 2 weeks, 3 months 

and 1 year of age.


Viva Voltaire

Elite Hanoverian Chestnut Sabino






Furioso II

Selle Français

Furioso xx

Dame de Ranville SF

Gogo Moeve


Gotthard Hanov

Mosaik Hanov





Elite Hanoverian

Graphit by Grande Hanov

Odessa St. Pr. St. Hanov


St. Pr. St. Oldenburg

Argentinus Prem Hanov

Vollka OLD

Clair de Lune


Buckskin Swedish Warmblood


Bernstein 761

Elite Buckskin Swedish Warmblood 

Napoleon 625
Elite SWB

Iran 533 SWB

Josephine 8620 Elit-prem SWB

Bristol Cream 13548

Elite SWB

Kew Gardens xx

Bragansa 9664 SWB


Swedish Warmblood

Asterix 694

Prem-A SWB

Arram 564 SWB

Naritza 12921 Elit-prem SWB

Kalida 31


Kaliber 574 Elit-prem SWB

Uarda 8633 SWB


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